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survey smDid you work hard for years or go into debt to obtain a professional degree only to find there are few available jobs?
Are you a professional that has discovered you are not treated like one in the workplace?
Do you think workforce development should be about getting more people trained or creating more jobs that utilize existing skills in the workforce?
Do you think labor market information is sufficiently accurate for most people to make appropriate choices?
Would you recommend to a young person starting out that he or she obtain a professional degree in your field...or not?
Let your voice be heard! Ph.D. candidate is conducting a study about professional underemployment and job satisfaction in the United States. To find out more and access the survey, click the button below.

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EinsteinAlbert Einstein, Time magazine's "Person of the 20th Century" was a visionary scientist, philosopher, teacher -- and a union member.  In fact, he was a founding member of the Princeton Federation of Teachers Local 552, signing its charter in 1938.  Look... he was a pretty smart guy, right?  Well?  What are you waiting for!




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